"Officers are always on time, smartly turned out and courteous. They responded well to various challenges and are willing to do what they can to solve any problems."
Michelle Huggon, Safety & Maintenance Manager

Fire Alarm Installation Leeds

Whatever the type of premises you require Fire Detection for, we can provide. Alarms can be raised by means of personnel manually operating a break glass call point or by the automatic detectors sensing a source of smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. The system when activated will trigger sounders or bells to inform occupants to evacuate the building. Our control panels have full zone indication enabling quick identification of potential fires showing where the fire starts and in what direction it’s moving, this helps occupants evacuate the building safely and assists the Fire Brigade to quickly locate the fire.

Fire Alarm PanelDependant on the type of premises and risk, your 4 Site Fire Alarm system can be connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre facility, which monitors your system 24 hours a day. Alarm events are transmitted digitally to our Alarm Receiving Centre where our operators have all the information at hand to deal with events as they happen and contact key holders and Fire services as required.

We provide Fire Alarm installation to clients in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

Should you have an existing Fire Detection System installed and require our company to carry out statutory maintenance (which is a legal requirement) or require your system to be upgraded or connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre, contact 4 Site Security Systems for a free quotation or advice.

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