"Officers are always on time, smartly turned out and courteous. They responded well to various challenges and are willing to do what they can to solve any problems."
Michelle Huggon, Safety & Maintenance Manager

Registration Of Interest For Employment

We are always on the lookout for professional security officers. If you feel you have got what it takes to become a 4 site family member please fill your out our online registration document below and a member of our human resources team will be in contact. 

Personal Details


Have you or any of your immediate family been fined, sentenced to imprisonment or received a criminal caution, been discharged on payment of costs or had any order made against you by a criminal, civil or military court, or public authority, (including bankruptcy procedure and outstanding court judgment for debt) or is any action pending? 

Motoring offences should be detailed for you only.

Please provide details of any and all offences detailed under the declaration above. Please include Nature of Offence, Court, Date & Liability incurred.

Security Work Details

Record of Employment

Please upload a copy of your CV here. If you do not have a current CV please fill in details of prior employment below.
Please provide a summary of your employment history. Be sure to include Name of Employer, Address of Employer, Date Starting Employment, Date Ending Employment, Position Held, Salary or Wage and reasons for leaving.


4 Site Security Services is an Equal Opportunities Employer. In order to help us ensure that our Equal Opportunities policy is operating efficiently would you please provide the following information:

 It should be emphasized that this information, or its absence, will not be taken into account when considering your application. 

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