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Case Studies

A business park client

Our Client approached us regarding their current gatehouse security contract and issues facing the company due to the recession. Due to company cutbacks, there was no longer a budget available for the service, and therefore they required an alternative cost efficient solution.

We reviewed their requirements and devised a plan to transfer their security from a traditional gatehouse & barrier provision to a 24hr monitored CCTV service. This is now monitored from our in-house control room. 

This proved to be cost effective for our client, whilst allowing them to rest assured their premises were safe and secure.

Centor patrol system

On speaking with numerous clients, it became evident that many companies now required a method of reporting their security officer’s patrols and the time frame of each tour. We then carried out research on such systems and found that the Centor system offered an ideal PC-based solution. 

This cost-efficient system allows wall mounted checkpoints to be fitted in and around client's premises, which the security officer registers using a key fob whilst on patrol. The location and time is recorded and downloaded onto a clearly laid out report, which can be then made available to the client.

This robust method ensures the client that the patrols have taken place and the security officer is carrying out their duties and responsibilities within the timeframe requested.