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  • Monitoring facilities 24/7 from our
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  • Delivering professional bespoke
    manned security services
  • Delivering professional bespoke
    manned security services
  • Providing technical security system
    installations and CCTV monitoring
  • Providing technical security system
    installations and CCTV monitoring
  • Providing technical security system
    installations and CCTV monitoring

Case studies

Innovative security solutions for any business…

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and as a result we always keep up to date with the latest equipment. This allows us to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

Here are just a small selection of case studies that demonstrate the extent of what we can offer.

A business park client

Our client manages a large business park facility in Leeds, where several commercial companies are long term residents, and their security is paramount.

The facility manager approached our team to discuss supporting their gatehouse security activity.

At the time, their existing security contract was nearing its end of term and, with spending cuts underway, there was a concern the service would have to cease. However, the manager knew how vital the gatehouse service was to many of his tenants and was very keen to find an alternative, more cost-effective solution.

The 4 Site Security team reviewed the requirements in full and devised a plan to transfer our client from a traditional gatehouse and barrier operation to a 24-hr monitored CCTV service.

We installed the advanced technical system on-site before connecting it with our central control room, where trained security staff remain on hand to monitor activity and assess any requests for access from non-permitted personnel.

The solution has proved a success, reducing the cost of manned security, whilst giving our client the assurance their premises are safe and secure.

Financial institution client

In 2018, 4 Site Security Services were asked to provide the security for a large blue-chip financial institution located in West Yorkshire. Since this time, we have been awarded an increased manned guarding presence, CCTV support and an alarm response service to locations affiliated with the financial institution.

4 Site Security currently provides the client with a team of 17 specially selected security officers, covering front of house, delivery access, staff parking access, CCTV monitoring, fire testing, building patrols and first aid.

We have built a strong relationship with the client and have become an integral part of the building's facilities management regime, assisting greatly with the site's day-to-day running.

The team has also developed a great relationship with West Yorkshire Police, helping provide CCTV evidence of drug dealings within the close vicinity of the premises. They also detained a serial burglar who attempted to steal money from the site. The burglar was handed over to the police and was given a two-year prison sentence.

Fire prevention solution

With the constant evolutions in mobile technology, recycling batteries had become a major part of our client's business. However, this presented some problems. While batteries were being stored prior to being processed, they could become damaged, leading them to self-combust with potentially devastating results.

4 Site Security was given the task of designing a solution that would detect when batteries start to get hot and create an early warning system to prevent fire.

We utilised Dahua's Thermal Imaging cameras which use the latest uncooled VOx thermal sensor technology. The camera has a built-in fire detect function and can detect fire or potential fire from a long distance. The thermal camera is sensitive to temperature, so can trigger an alert, catching any potential issue before it turns into a serious incident.

The use of the Dahua technology also allowed the cameras to be seamlessly connected onto the client's existing CCTV system, making it a cost-effective solution.

The cameras will alert the 4 Site Security Remote Video Response Centre operators if the temperature goes above a set threshold, allowing the operator to view the thermal imaging footage and images from a colour overview camera. We can then take the appropriate action to minimise the chances of a serious incident from occurring.

Cash centre client

Our client acquired a new cash handling centre in Leeds, and one of the first priorities was managing access control. The challenge was to design a system that provided high security and made it easy for authorised personnel to move around the site, while ensuring unwanted visitors couldn't gain access.

4 Site utilised Paxton's Net2 Access and Net2 Entry range of equipment. This provided the high level of security required and allowed it to be integrated with the client’s existing systems across other sites.

The Net2 system was configured for the client so that each user has a proximity card and a personal PIN to access the site. This dual security means that if a card was to fall into the wrong hands, it would be useless without the associated PIN. In addition to that, once the card is registered as being lost, any attempt to use it would generate an alert at the control room.

The project also required control room operators in Belfast to be able to remotely control who enters and exits the site as well as controlling who enters the high-security restricted areas. This was achieved using the Net2 entry system, which provides clear speech and crystal-clear video on anyone who uses it.

Extra security was designed for the high-security restricted area by installing an air-lock control system, meaning all personnel have to access the restricted area through a lobby where the inner door cannot be opened until the outer door is locked and vice versa.

Centor patrol system

4 Site Security was approached by a client who was searching for a simple way to record the activity and time taken by each of our security officers on patrol.

On conducting extensive research our team found that the Centor device appeared the ideal system.

The cost-efficient system works by having wall mounted checkpoints fitted in and around a building, with the patrolling security officer using a key fob to register at each point as they pass by. Each 'check in' location and time is captured and transmitted to a PC in a simple-to-read report. It is then made available to the client in hard or soft copy.

This robust method reassures clients that the patrols have taken place and the security officer is carrying out their duties and responsibilities within the timeframe requested.